Thursday, June 6, 2019

Fearless prediction: Harris running in 2020

This poll from Michigan, a state the Dems must win to retake the presidency suggests that any of the top five Democrats can beat Trump. Note that it is a small poll (600 people) and people lie.

Looking at the front runners: Stupid old white guy, Deranged old white guy, Old white woman who does not know what to do with her hands when talking, Young black woman from California, Young gay guy.

The Dems will run the most radical candidate that they think will win. Vanilla ice-cream did not work last time.

That will be Harris. LGBTADNAUSEUM make up 4% of the population. Women make up 51%. Blacks make up another 13%.

The only factors favoring Sanders and Biden is that they are old and appeal to the dead voters in urban areas.

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  1. There are no dead voters still voting. At least that's what the media says......