Monday, February 26, 2024

Violence against churches more than quadrupled since 2020


A recent report indicates that the number of violent incidents reported at churches is escalating rapidly.

The most frequent type of violence is "Vandalism" with "Assaults" and "Arson" being the other high-runners.

Typing "Vandalism Church" into a search engine and hitting "News" suggests that most of the "perps" are habitual offenders. 


Historic church in Philly vandalized

At the risk of speculating, it appears that a person can destroy several thousands of dollars worth of property and it is still considered a misdemeanor and not worthy of any follow-up by the justice system.

Source in Colorado

New York. Aimed for neck, slashed jaw.

The New York perp lived in a homeless shelter.

If these articles are any indication, the perps have severe mental-health issues, are violent and resentful and are unemployed. And if I had to guess, many of them complete the losers' trifecta and have substance-abuse issues.

The current fad is to consider drug-abuse and public displays of mental-health issues to be "victimless crimes" and to not incarcerate. The opinion leaders pushing that agenda conveniently forget that incarceration involves "drying out" the perp, and treatment for their mental illness. It CAN be a new start for them.

So even though the explosive growth in violence against churches is easy to interpret as an extension of the Progressive Left's hate for religion, it seems to be more a result of the mass emptying of prisons and jails and of a foolish sense of "justice" rather than an attack choreographed by progressive ideology.


The high-brow language used to 'splain away the behaviors mirrors the old language but the response to the violence is 180 degrees different.

The new language includes phrases like "It is a cry asking for help" and "He is seeking limits" and "He needs concrete guard-rails to his behavior". And the response is to make an appointment for counseling at an out-patient clinic and then release the perp back into the wild. Of course, the perp never attends the counseling session.

The old language (and response) was more like "He was asking for an ass-kicking so Louis, Villie and Slugger gave him what he was asking for, a Hickory-Shampoo"

Irony Part II

The perps are damaging churches because churches are symbols of "limits" and the word "don't". Churches are symbols of the social order and the perps hate the social order because the perps are failures. It is easier for them to blame the social order than it is for them to look inward and make changes to themselves.

They also damage churches to get a reaction.

Other symbols of limits include cop-stations, courthouses, city-hall and people wearing judge's robes. They are all down-range of the churches. Won't the priestesses of progressive justice be surprised when their pet Gila Monsters and Wart Hogs turn on them?

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  1. In 2017 a church insurance company told me that crime in churches had increased 1500% in the previous decade.
    I've seen a number of reports of church burglaries, and even robberies. I suspect the violence you mention is part of a larger trend.

  2. The two tiered JustUs system refuses to actually punish people who vandalize anything that's part of the "old white system". Yet do a burn out on a rainbow painted cross walk and your ass will go to jail and your vehicle will be seized and auctioned off.

  3. ERJ, we often use the phrase "From small acorns, great oaks grow". We fail to realize that this is a natural laws independent of any morality. If planted, it will grow.

    We have spent a great deal of the last 20-30 years planting a lot of things which are now coming to fruition. Those that planted them will be shocked to discovery the amorality of the results of the process.

  4. If your church remained open during the COVID shutdown you have a true church, Protect it. If your church did close, what are you protecting? For another metric on your church's worth, ask yourself what they have said about the Holocaust in Gaza.

    What is the difference between the nightly news and your church? Between Facebook and your church?Are they both ok with homosexuality, pedophilia, transexuals and the murder of Innocents? Well, just as long as the government tells them to.

  5. Joe, you did a good job extending the topic as did all the commentors. Well done. ---ken

  6. Ironically, at least 'some' of those attacks have been done by the members themselves for publicity...

  7. We need to establish caning as a legal punishment for this sort of destructive, violent "misdemeanor".

  8. The body cannot go where the mind has never been. I teach active shooter response training and security in places of worship. People need to understand this is a real threat, which is steadily increasing. If you don't allow yourself to believe this can happen to your place of worship , you will effectively be defeated twice. The first time will be when the event occurs and the second time will be when you come to the realization you could have stopped it. Always pray for the best and prepare for the worst.


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