Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Do you feel empowered by "technology"?

Mrs ERJ is in the throes of switching from a high-cost mobile carrier to a much, much lower cost carrier.

The first carrier she attempted to migrate to said they supported her phone...but then back-pedaled when they saw it was the GZ version (GZ in 8-point-font).

The second carrier she attempted to migrate to lost her messaging apps. I suspect there was an operating system download that corrupted her native one as multiple icons "print" on her screen on top of each other.

Mrs ERJ is the picture of serenity. Better her than I.

Meanwhile, I sit in my recliner and fiddle with bits of brass, swaging and chamfering and such. The "new" tech bits of brass I was fiddling with today were last updated in 1963 and 1957. I am not too worried about them becoming in-op due to unrequested operating system downloads.


  1. I have not felt empowered for a long time.
    Yes, the internet is nice and such; but even coffee makers are getting to be smarter than I am.
    You all be safe and God bless.

  2. Reminds me, I need to download some primers while in stock... guess I'll pay the hazmat and make it a big order!

  3. Careful Joe - too much fiddling with your brass bits will make you go BLIND!!!

  4. I consider it a success to get along with my flip phone...mostly.


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