Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Very Confusing! (political)

I once had a boss named Ron L.V. who was brilliant but Machiavellian. He would ask us to do the strangest things. I eventually learned that he had some deep-seated need to manipulate people even if they would willingly do what he wanted if he simply asked them.

My relationship with Ron got much better when I learned to noodle-out what he wanted (his ultimate goal) and then to deliver it as quickly as possible. That freed me from the constant, tiny irritants of pointless directives. It was a relief to short-circuit the drama.

Looking at this story from the upsides and downsides for Trump, he cannot lose.

Hell will freeze over before a guy like Trump will win Illinois's electoral votes in the general so he has almost zero downside.

The move is likely to galvanize his base and many of the undecideds, especially those who are following the Colorado case in the Supreme Court. Many Blacks are looking at the repeated attempts to railroad Trump and saying "Hey, I know what THAT feels like."

Looking at the story from the perspective of the Judge in Cook County, either she is a closet Trump fan who is playing 3-D chess or she is a moron who is trying to impress her chardonnay-sipping, Cook County cronies.

People who are doing this have no sense of perspective and obviously never played "The Prisoner's Dilemma".


  1. Fred in Texas, any state that removes trump from the ballot becomes a one party state by the next presidential election. Most people recognize that government and politics is a nasty business, nasty like child abuse, sex trafficking and dealing drugs to kids.... The fact that a lot of establishment Republicans are anti trump is a death knell for the GOP. I personally won't bother voting if trump ain't the candidate. I know a lot of other people with the same mindset. Trump is the headline act. The down ballot races are the opening band... Once trump is out of the picture, for whatever reason, any reason at all will do, most conservative Americans will stop voting. No point in it. The integrity of the game has been shattered and nobody with a lick of sense will play a rigged game. The game isn't worth the candle at that point. The rest of the GOP are by and large, shallow, venal and idolatrous... The GOP is going to go the way of the Whigs as soon as trump is out of the picture.

    1. “The game isn’t worth the candle” - spot on and a very astute analogy.

  2. It’s all a shit show / clown world act. Four years ago today (February 2020), the world was largely at peace (no new wars), the border was well managed, the economy was booming, and interest rates were low.

    A ripple in the overnight bank lending REPO markets (Sept 2019) was a big problem for Western (European) banks, and Donnie two scoops Trump was a big problem for the globalist agenda as he was headed for an easy re-election.

    Viola! We got March of 2020 and the Covid madness from Clown World and the deep state apparatus along with the MSMedia went into full gear.

    Poof. Goodbye Donnie Two Scoops by hook or crook.

    FFWD four years. What do we have now?

    Happy election year America!

    Enjoy your next psyop / false flag event from May - Sept 2024. You will be made to care, and we will all largely fall in line. May the tiny independent pockets survive and rebuild with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights largely in tact from the ashes.

    There is no voting our way out of this. We have to collectively crash and burn first, suffer the consequences, and then rebuild.

    Too far gone to and too far down the path to reverse course now. It is what it is, and it stinks to high heaven.

    Prepare to suffer…

    1. Winner winner chicken dinner!!!
      People DO NOT get how deep the rot is.

  3. Gee, I wonder if Orange Man Bad, should the selection election go his way, might do vindictive things upon gaining power?

    One can always hope that maybe a pissed off pres might carpet bomb cooke county, kinda like Ol' Remus suggested for Detroit, once upon a time.

  4. I'll take "Who is a moron." for $500 Alex.

  5. Regards voters who want Trump but can't have him because of whatever staying home makes me think of the delegates to the Russian Duma in 1918 who left the chamber because of the behaviour of the Bolsheviks. Well, after they left, tyhe Bolsheviks enacted legislation that brought on immense suffering for the next 90 years. Be careful what you wish for.

    1. Russian's didn't have the 2nd Amendment.
      I know that sounds like hyperbole, but I believe we are very close to one of those moments...

  6. ERJ, history tends to show the making anyone a political martyr is one of the fastest ways to gain support for them from sections that formerly had little or no involvement. If the judge - or any of the individuals - who wish the Former Resident would disappear had thought about it, they would have simply let things play out.

    Ask the British Government circa 1916 how the Easter Rising Martyrs worked out for them.

  7. Four years ago the world was largely at peace. the border well managed, the economy booming, and interest rates were low. That is the best political ad in the world. Woody

  8. In an honest election Trump can't lose. This election will be even further from honest than 2020 and 2022. With mail in voting, ballot harvesting and corrupt voting machines like Dominion Voting Systems the outcome of this years election is already determined. Trump can't win. TINVOWOOT

  9. "My relationship with Ron got much better when I learned to noodle-out what he wanted..."

    Nearly everyone understands the concept of "being managed." Few understand the concept of "managing up."

    It is necessary to learn how to manage your manager.


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