Friday, December 13, 2019

What non-US based news sources do you monitor?

A quick survey here.

Most people are rational, at least some of the time. Their perception of the universe is largely formed by the stream of information they receive and what they see as being in their best-interest.

Most people can accept that "triangulating a solution" benefits from two or three observation points that are not identical. In fact, the greater the distance between the observation posts, the more errors-of-measurement are diluted.

We are entering the Holiday season where we will be elbow-to-elbow with people we love but sometimes disagree with. One strategy to consider is to suggest that they expand the number of news sources they monitor to get wider triangulation.

They will likely say, "Fox sucks." or "No way in Hades will I visit Horn News."

In their view, those sites are hopelessly polluted by partisan politics.

Think big
What non-US sites do you visit on a daily or weekly basis? For the sake of simplicity, consider sites based in California, New York and Atlanta to be US based.

The Economist?
Russia Times?
Times of India?
The Straits Times (Singapore)?
The Australian?
Canadian National Post or Toronto Sun?

From the comments:
The Jerusalem Post h/t Ed Bonderenka
The Sun (UK) h/t Ed
Epoch Times (US but strong Asian coverage) h/t George True
Canadian Freepress  h/t George True
Al Jazeera (Middle East NOT Israel) h/t John Galt

Back to the blog post...
The benefit of using at least one non-US news source is that the non-US source is not invested in packaging the event to fit a particular narrative. Rather than leaving information out or arranging them to fit within a particular picture frame, foreign media is more likely to just report the facts and let the reader decide.

Suggesting that your much-loved family member expand their information sources may be the best way to break off the conversation...for this year.

The question on the table is: Which sources?


  1. Not regular, but Jerusalem Post.
    Or The Sun.

  2. Epoch Times
    Canada Free Press
    The Free Beacon

  3. Sometimes catch . Not going to pretend they are balanced but they certainly give a different view point. Not always US-Left centric. Often world coverage where little or no main stream media. Like....big upset because India allows Several religions but recent update to their laws didn't include Muslim. Part of their citizenship amendment law. They have had 4 days now of massive protests bordering on riots in some cases

  4. Hey, thanks again for this record you have created here, Eaton Rapids Joe. I have a good memory, it's just short. Regards,


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