Saturday, December 7, 2019

Rednecks for Boombird

Scroll to the 1:08 mark


  1. I usually avoid listening to this guy talk, but I made an exception this morning. He pegged my intolerance meter in 45 seconds. The ignorance and stupidity was just too overwhelming. Actually, listening to him was "one of the stupidest things I've ever heard".
    This guy in power of any type would be dangerous.

  2. He never fails to show what an idiot he is. But I was surprised that he used Magazine correctly. Most anti freedom people say Clip.

  3. my gun isn't for deer. it's for the goons a President Boombird would send to my house to remove my rights.
    My God given rights.

  4. He knows the difference between semi auto and full auto. He knows that much of the U.S. population doesn't, and he's using that ignorance to his advantage. That tactic was explicitly advocated by Josh Sugarman many years ago.


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