Saturday, December 21, 2019

Much ado about nothing?

MS-13 has been declared 'inoperable' in New York after police arrested 96 members in a sting that is believed to be the largest ever take down of the violent street gang in the state. 

A number of drugs and weapons, including machetes, were also seized from MS-13 gang members.

Of those arrested, 45 alleged gang members and 19 associated drug suppliers were charged with murder conspiracy, drug trafficking, gun possession and gang violence charges.

Authorities say the lengthy operation has dealt a significant blow to MS-13 leadership in New York with nine leaders arrested.

'The goal of this investigation was to deliver a major blow to the gang’s leadership, operations and recruitment in the our region,' district attorney Tim Sini said.  Source
This article baffles me. Suffolk County, NY is in the New York Metropolitan area with 20 million people. 96 arrests in a metropolitan area of that size is noise.

In industry, a factory can hobble along with 30% absenteeism. It is not super-efficient, but it can run.

I consulted with an expert (who did not give me permission to list his name).

He told me of a much smaller community where a massive effort resulted in 70 gang members being incarcerated in a very short time. The net result was a minor logistical hiccup that lasted about a half week.

He said "retired" older gang members reactivate. Wives and girlfriends are given assignments or took over for absent husbands/boyfriends. Brothers shifted over to cover brothers. Gangs are not efficient. They are grossly larded with excess people. That makes them extremely resilient to reduction in force.

The other oddity was the emphasis on machetes. The MS-13 is documented as having shoulder fired, surface-to-air missiles and belt-fed weapons. Machetes? Really? Piss those guys off and your helicopter comes down in a trail of flame and smoke.

Machetes? Next, you will be bragging about the number of screwdrivers and toothpicks you confiscated from them. Like London.


  1. Heh. You are right.

    But if you just spent two years to arrest 96 folks, or even 196 counting the DEA arrests, how would you cover yer ass?

    Didn't see any mention of how many tax dollars were spent to protect the citizenry. What do you suppose the cost per arrest, or the cost per conviction will end up being?

  2. The manchettes are used because they inspire terror. Gang members know that being shot is an occupational hazard, but no one wants to be hacked to death.

    I'm waiting until they watch Scarface.


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