Sunday, December 29, 2019

Martial Arts Follow-up

Thanks for all of the advice regarding martial arts for eleven-year-old boys.

It was very well received.



  1. As an added side note, the current rate for a USA Boxing membership is only $75 for the entire year. Things may be different in other states, but in Wisconsin gyms are not supposed to charge anything above the USA Boxing fee. Many gyms will let you try things out for a short time without joining. The membership will come into play for the gym from an insurance perspective at some point.

    At the end of the day, youth end up getting some of the best self defense and self discipline training available for less than $1.50 a week.

    No choreographed martial arts dance lessons can substitute for proper balance, head movement and, most importantly, knowing how to throw a single or multiple effective punches. Also, not many martial arts classes have enough live soaring to teach you how to overcome getting punched in the face.

    My kids are hitting the mitts at 8yrs old and start sparing at 10. The first couple sparing sessions are a really eye opener.

  2. Sorry, not live soaring. Darn phone should have typed sparing.


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