Sunday, December 8, 2019

Michigan Life Expectancy

A friend sent me this picture and commented that he was surprised that Michigan did not have a life expectancy over 80 years of age.

Seven largest causes of death. Leelanau County is the "good" extreme and Genesee/Wayne as the "bad" extreme. Mortality rates are an average of the mortality rates for years 2013-2017 for each cause/county.
The only two categories where Leelanau County is better than both Wayne and Genesse county for mortality rates are Heart Disease and Accidents.

Survival of both events is highly related to how quickly the patient can get to the hospital.

Michigan counties with the fifteen highest life expectancies (Yellow O) and fifteen lowest life expectancies (Pink X). Clusters of yellow in Southeast Michigan and Northwest lower Michigan correlate to income. Swaths in southwest Michigan and the band across the middle of Michigan are harder to explain and so are the three Yellow counties in the Upper Peninsula.
If access or speed to the hospital is a major player for cardiac outcomes, then narrowing the difference may be as simple as having at-risk individuals having a bottle of baby aspirin in the home. Taking a couple. And calling 9-1-1 anyway.

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  1. Southwest Michigan, specifically Berrien County...influenced by Benton Harbor?


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