Monday, December 16, 2019

Elvis is still in the building

Dad is still on this side of the veil.

Hospice started today.

Belladonna moved back to our house 9:00PM Monday.

She had a job interview 9:00AM Tuesday and had a job 10:00AM.

It is not a forever job. But it will suffice as she works her way through grad school.

We moved Sprite's cows and her bull over to her place. Matt, the trucker, is scheduled to show up tomorrow at 8:00AM to take them to auction.

The calves will stay until August/September. In terms of on-the-hoof mass, the calves are 25% of what I was feeding. That means that the bale of hay that lasted 1.5 days will now last 4 days. That is a significant drop in my work load.

Kubota was a big help in moving the cows. He showed much more persistence in solving issues with the shorts in the fence. The mama cows were bawling, pushing to get back to their calves as we worked the fence, trying to find the short.

There were about a half dozen. The one shown in the image above was the last one. The wire had popped out of the insulator and was in hard contact with another T-post.

I am beat. I spent 5 hours in a pair of boots that did not fit quite right. I was walking on churned up, frozen mud.

I am planning on a couple of ibuprofen and a good night's sleep.


  1. Sleep well. I'm working half days as we get to Christmas. Afternoon naps are nice.

  2. Good news, and Kubota stepping up was a big help, I'm sure.


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