Friday, October 2, 2015


My prayers tonight are for the families of those killed in Oregon.

Initial reports suggest that the criminal was purposely targeting Christians.

Know that your children are heroes.  Like Daniel, the brothers in 2 Maccabees and many of the Christians in the early days of the church, they faced death rather than deny their faith.  Surely they rest in the bosom of our Lord.

The first two hundred years of this country were easy years for Christians.  It was the default mode.  It was easy to be a "nominal" Christian.  That changed.

The scum who perpetrate these crimes crave notoriety as surely as crack-heads crave drugs.  The media who drench these events with attention are as complicit as drug dealers wholesaling meth for profit.

And may those who seek to deliver me and mine, disarmed, to my enemies...may they rot in hell.  Like Simon Peter, I will carry a sword into the garden.


  1. If only the mainstream media would heed Claire Wolfe's advice- never refer to the perpetrator's name, and only refer to them as "some asshole". This perp was seeking for fame. May his victims rest in peace.

  2. Write on, brother ERJ, you are right on.


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