Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bachelorhood Day Four, trip to the shooting range

Yesterday was a perfect day to go shooting.  It was cool and very calm.

Kubota, Wild Willy and I piled into the Malibu and drove to Family Shooter Corral.

Kubota was shooting the Savage Mark II with the Accu-trigger.  Wild Willy was shooting Mrs ERJ's gun, a Marlin 795.

The bottle is filled with .22LR ammo.  Plastic vitamin bottles are tough and portable.

Target in foreground is at 20 yards.  Targets in the background are at 50 yards.  Shooters were to my left.

Whaddya think?  Too strong of a primer strike? The kids were setting up shotgun shells on the 20 yard stand as reactive targets.
I was proud of the guys.  Sometimes kids get into a race to see who can burn up the most ammo, the quickest.  Mostly, the boys tried to learn something each time they sent a bullet downrange.  We went through about 300 rounds which I consider a pretty light toll for two boys shooting for two hours.

I cannot remember two hours I enjoyed more.

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  1. Nicely done! And those are some 'challenging' reactive targets! :-)


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