Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A day with many, small pieces

Picture taken from beneath the swing set in an attempt to capture the effect of the rising sun on the dewy grass.
I have to finish mowing the grass.  I expect that this will be the last time I will mow in 2015.  We have some more wet weather coming so today is the "window".

Sunchokes, aka, Jerusalem Artichokes (Helianthus tuberosus) are a wild, perennial sunflower.
They produce edible tubers.
I found a stand of "wild" sunchokes.  "Wild" could mean that they are a legacy stand from local Native American tribes that frequented the area.  Sunchokes naturalize well and provide good screening.  I will plant these near the road.

Dosing the dogs

Today is the day I will de-worm the dogs.  They get dosed with Pyrantel Pamoate suspension for intestinal worms and ivermectin for heart worms.

They will also get dose for fleas.  I will change out the bedding in their house.  I still have a bag of oak leaves from last year.

This is not a good day if you are a parasite on, or inside, one of the ERJ dogs.

Digging potatoes

Yup, I gotta dig a row.  Mrs ERJ told me to.  We are out of taters in the house.

I also need to head out the rest of the Brussel Sprouts.  I am experimenting with the best time to head them.  I headed out half of them Sept 20.  I will do the rest today.  It will not be a very good experiment because the deer ate many of the leaves from the plants.  That will pollute the results.

Call a consultant

The Befuddled Bombardier is my consultant for all things "Pets".  He is more fun than a barrel of intoxicated monkeys. 
It is normal for bloggers to come across as experts on everything.  We are not.

I am need of help on my guerrilla gardening project.  I went to the local big box store to buy some clumping cat litter.  There were about 30 different types of cat litter.  I was baffled.  Is scoopable the same as clumping?  Everything had deodorants and enhancements.  Does anybody make unscented, undeodorized, clumping cat litter?

I have to pull in an expert, shown above.  He is already suited up for lobbing black walnuts and clayballs into swales.

Plant some acorns

The spring I married Mrs ERJ we planted an oak tree.  I want to have some seedlings from that tree on my property where I can keep an eye on them.  I planted many acorns from that tree over the years but I did not keep track of them.  I cannot point at any specific tree and say "That one is a seedling of our 'wedding' tree."

I plan to plant these in five gallon nursery pots.  Maybe ten per pot.  I need to put screen over them to keep the squirrels out.  Maybe I can keep track of these. 

The red berries are from a Jack-in-the-Pulpit plant that got clobbered by deer.  It was growing beneath chestnut trees.

Have fun out there.  I have a long day ahead of me.


  1. How long do you keep the potato's in the ground? Are there rot concerns? Do they freeze and go bad?

    1. Yes, they can freeze and go bad. I can think of nothing that smells worse than a frozen potato as it decays.

      I figure I have until Dec 1 to get them out of the ground. I lose a few to bugs and roots growing through them, but not enough to be a big deal.

      I have planted in low spots where they rotted due to immersion. That is not a problem where I now garden.

  2. Good luck with ALL the projects!


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