Monday, October 5, 2015

Southern Belle update

Southern Belle, my oldest daughter, has been helping a mission church get off the ground in Miami.  Understand that I am her advocate and this post makes little effort to be "objective".

She is tired.

After sixteen months, she needs a break.  She has been donating four hours a day, except for Sundays, every day for the past year.  Sometimes the pastor does not "release" her until one in the morning.  On Sunday she has a ten hour day.  Oh, and she has a full time job.  And she is kicking $850 per month into the church budget.  That is 35% of her gross paycheck.

She needs her forty days in the desert to sort things out.

Southern Belle lost perspective and so did the other principals in this mission venture.  The other principals  feel betrayed.  Sorry, but failing a sixteen month "trial by ordeal" does not prove that one is a tool of the Devil (as opposed to an instrument of the Holy Spirit).  It merely proves her humanity.

Everything is upside down at this point.  She has been immersed in this cause and has lost nearly all perspective.  Her frame-of-reference is whacked.  She has not been taking care of herself.  The gas tank is empty.

Disentangling is complicated by the fact that co-housing is involved.  The $850/month includes donating $600 for the use of a single bedroom.  Making a "go" of a two-person relationship is a daunting task.  The dynamics become very weird as that number grows.

Mrs ERJ will be flying down to Miami later this month to help her move into an apartment.

For those of you who are the praying type, all prayers will be appreciated.  Certainly, all parties in the venture are in a needy place and they need prayers as well.  Those of you who are not the praying type have my permission to practice.


  1. Prayers indeed. For discernment. For strength, for grace.

    The thing about volunteer work is that it should be easy to walk away from. If it's not easy to walk away from, other things are going on that might not be healthy. I've never needed to be "released" from volunteer work. It's a simple "see y'all later" and I'm out the door.

  2. Thoughts and prayers for her and all involved.

  3. Thoughts and prayers for her and all involved.

  4. I have to second pawpaw. things sound "complicated".


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