Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Nothing unites like a common foe

Belladonna has been keeping me posted with updates about her apartment mates.  They bonded in the face of a common foe.

The next apartment to the south is filled with young women from The Big City.

It is comical that Belladonna's apartment is 50% African-American* and none of them  have ANYTHING good to say about the women in the next apartment.  They are offended that such overtly gauche (aka, trashy) people are allowed to have pigmented skin.  People will judge all by the actions of the few.

In fact, I think the women in the next apartment have been dubbed "The Butt Sisters".

I told Belladonna she should not be wasting her energy on the loud, rude, abrasive "Butt Sisters".  She should be baking brownies and cookies for Sheldon and Leonard in the apartment north to the north.  Who knows, one of them might be the next Bill Gates.

*The dad of the other African-American in Belladonna's apartment is a Quality Engineer in the Nuclear Power industry.  I met him.  He is a sharp, if low key, guy.

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  1. Ah yes, 'city' types... They always think the world revolves around them... sigh


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