Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fly Paper

Mrs ERJ asked me to change the fly paper today.

I have been running an experiment having horse races between the locally available brands.

So far, Catchmaster Scented Fly Ribbon is the champ.

(This post is for my convenience so I buy the right stuff next year.)


  1. I do a lot of posts for my convenience.. The blog stores odd little bits of information, and it's searchable. Like the particular make and model of mixing valves I have in my showers, and exactly when I built or installed something. That always gets blogged, and it's always there if I need to remember it several years down the road.

    I'll have to look for the flypaper. I wonder if it works on yellow jackets?

    1. We catch yellow jackets by the gross when canning cider. There are always cider jugs that have just a wee bit of cider left in them. They seem to be attracted to the fermenting cider. They drown.

      Supposedly, hanging a fish carcass over a tub of water...perhaps with a squirt of dish detergent added...works well. The yellow jackets gorge themselves and they lose altitude upon take-off. And into the drink they go. I suppose one could hang the remnants of a filleted fish (hate to waste a good one) and dangle fly paper around it. You would nail some of them coming and going.

      Best regards.


  2. I can always tell when the mouse traps have a carcass in them by the buzzing flies- it is amazing how they can pick up on carrion.


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