Friday, October 24, 2014

The Question

I proposed to the future Mrs ERJ 28 years ago today.  I did not do a very whippy job of it, but Mrs ERJ was able to overlook the shortcomings in the execution.  I think she spotted me a few points based on my lack of practice.

The evening did not go as I had envisioned.

I planned a meal at my house. Then I thought we could go to the mall and just, sort of, accidentally walk by a jewelry store and I could start sounding out her preferences in rings.

My friends at work did not understand my plight.  They had girlfriends that started dragging them through jewelry stores from the third date onward.

The future Mrs ERJ and I generally avoided shopping malls like cats avoid swimming.  She was very curious about WHY I wanted to go to the mall.  I was defenseless against her skill in interrogation.

She thought me backwards rube for ring-shopping before asking the question.

I knew I was on pretty safe ground.  She had, quite by accident, revealed that she knew how this was going to end. That accident happened back in June.  As the man, I was the last to know.

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  1. Putty in her hands, eh? :-) And glad it's worked for y'all!