Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It is still Great to be a Guy

"Freddy" still has not asked Belladonna to homecoming. That is OK. We have a pool.  I picked Thursday (tomorrow).

Two of the dresses that were ordered showed up.  They did not fit.  By a bunch.  Apparently beautiful Bella has bideltoid measurements that are an inch greater than 95% for women.  Zippers don't zip, etc.

Eaton Rapids chooses its homecoming court via an open election and then a run-off.  Bella apparently made the run-off.  She really does not want to win.  Members of the homecoming court have to wear a different kind of dress than the regular folks.


On a positive note, Belladonna complimented me on my "protectiveness".  That is a major switch.  It used to annoy her beyond measure.  I asked her what changed.

Lone Survivor is one of Belladonna's favorite movies.  Lone Survivor is the story of a special ops team that is on surveillance mission that goes sideways, very sideways.  Only one member of the team survives.  His name is Marcus Luttrell.  He is the father of a daughter.

His attitude toward his daughter is similar to that of most least those of us with a pulse.  He wrote a simple post on social media.  But he is "cool", so suddenly I am OK.

...(I am) thinking about having a chastity belt made w/ a SEAL trident engraved on it and reads "Ask father for key." He's the 6'5 250lbs tattooed maniac that's chained to the wall. w/ the bad temper and foaming from the mouth that's sleeps under the tarp in the back yard w/ the fire ants and snakes. Nothing too difficult. Look forward to seeing the first candidate in about 16 years I'll be waiting.

So now it does not seem like that big of a deal when I take the young men downstairs and teach them how to load 12 gauge buckshot loads.  I always have them load six rounds.  I ask them to fondle each pellet of buckshot and to count them out individually.  I ask them if they are good at math.  Of course they always say yes.  I ask them how many pellets are in six rounds (6 X 9 = 54). I tell them my Mossberg holds six rounds when I have a live round in the chamber.  I thank them for their efforts.

I am thankful for small gifts.


  1. My Dad installed these giant 747 landing light brightness motion sensored light in the driveway. When my date pulled in the drive to drop me off WHAM. 100000000 candle power, and all he could do was cover his eyes and say "uh. goodnight". I was probably the only virgin in my graduating class.

    1. Your dad was an early pioneer in retinal scans! Does he still have the board fence with the char patterns?

      You come by your interest in science honestly.

      Regarding the amount of "activity" in high school. Everybody lies. Our homecoming queen back in the 1970's had never even been on a date (I learned later from her mother, who ran a Dairy Queen). The boys were scared of her. Plus, there was an unattainable ideal of what a "date" entailed.


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