Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Digging Potatoes

Pelé is turning into my right-hand man.  We dug 400 pounds of potatoes today.  Spartan Splash upper left corner.  Canela Russet front-and-center.  The yellowish ones are Missaukee.  The Missaukee dug the fastest but had the most scab damage.  The Canela Russet dug the slowest and had the least scab damage.

I LOVE harvesting food.


  1. ERJ, I love harvesting food just like you do. Potatoes are one area where I need A LOT of improvement. They do alright in raised beds, but in the heavy clay beyond, well, it is dismal. I just wondered how many feet of row you plant to get your 400 pounds.
    Here: is something you might enjoy

    1. I did enjoy it. Thank-you for your suggestion.

      The 400 pounds of potatoes came out of 200 feet of row, which is twice the yield I calculate my plantings on. The rows are 42 inches apart and the seed potato placed between 12" and 15" apart, which is farther apart than most commercial planters go. Commercial planters use mechanically cut seed and some have no eyes, so they plant closely enough so the row fills in.

      Have you tried planting into raised ridges (like hills of corn but linear)?