Monday, October 20, 2014

Indiana Tech Warriors

Belladonna and Mrs ERJ visited Indiana Tech in Fort Wayne, Indiana today.  Bella looks to have four schools on her list.  In no particular order, Grand Valley State University, Michigan State University, Indiana Tech and Sienna Heights.

She is getting a modest amount of interest due to her throwing skills.  One coach told me that college coaches are looking for a kid who is a worker.  They want a kid who has some native ability.  They want a kid (girl) who can pitch the discus over one hundred feet.  But they are also looking for kids with ugly throwing form.

A girl who has perfect technique and throws the discus 115 feet is of less interest to them than a girl with butt-ugly technique, or no technique and just power throws....who can throw the discus 107 feet.  A girl who can power throw over 100 feet will polish up into a gem.  The only "pop" a coach can expect out of the girl who has perfect form and can throw it for 115 feet will come from quality strength training.

Bella has decent form and decent distance and is a likable, coachable kid.  She is also preternaturally strong and exceptionally responsive to weight training.  One of her goals is to be the first girl at Eaton Rapids High School to break into the thousand pound club.  A training regime that involves plyometrics along the axes that she must accelerate the thrown weights should result in a quantum leap in her distances.

She is in the enviable position of having many good choices.

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