Friday, October 10, 2014

Eggs Rapatine

This recipe is a take-off on Eggs Florentine, but rather than using spinach (sorry Popeye) it uses turnip greens.  The botanical name for turnips is Brassica rapa.

Unlike spinach, turnip greens can be grown in wide swaths of the United States and Canada.  Turnips, and its kissing cousin Brassica napus, grow so easily that it is included in many wildlife food plot seed mixes.

Some varieties produce better greens than others.  "Better" usually means milder tasting and less hairy when raw.  The hairs disappear when cooked.  Less mild greens simply means you use less of them for a given recipe.  These greens can get fibrous as they get older, so pick the younger leaves and/or chop the leaves finely.

Turnip varieties.  Some varieties to look for:  Shogoin, Komatsuna, Yukina, Joi Choi, Savannah.  The varieties (Bakant, Improved Siberian) in the food plot mixes taste fine and are VERY inexpensive.  Plant in mid-summer and harvest as the weather cools.


Fry up a goodly dollop of minced garlic in your oil of choice.  Bacon grease is traditional, as is adding the chopped bacon back in.

Throw in a double handful of chopped turnip greens (or kale).  Push around with the spatula until chopped greens are wilted.

Splash in some soy sauce.  Add a sprinkle of black pepper

Break in five or six eggs.  Lightly scramble to evenly distribute the greens and garlic.

Cook until they reach the desired stage of hardness.

Turn off heat.

Sprinkle grated cheese on top if you want.

Serve with toast.


  1. My Dad would really like that. I'm going to make it next time I pop out to see him.

  2. Your father is a man of impeccable taste and you are 20 times the chef that I am. I am sure it will be a smashing success.

    Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting.


  3. Just made this! Really good (although with poached egg, as that's how I roll). Thank you for the recipe, I'll be cooking this again.

    1. Thank-you for reading. Thank-you for trying the recipe. And most especially, thank-you for commenting back.

      Welcome to the colonies.

      I think Chloe is spectacular. Her hair, neck, head, face and outfit just come together well.

      Best regards,