Thursday, October 2, 2014

Chicken Fried Rice

Two pieces of chicken, slightly freezer burned.

One ounce (30ml) vegetable oil + a half ounce (15ml) sesame seed oil.

Fry a goodly dollop of minced garlic and diced chicken pieces, less bones in the oil.  Season to taste.  Today, my taste runs to chipolte pepper.

Add two pounds (900 grams) frozen mixed vegetables.  Cook until vegetables are approaching limpness.

Add rice.


One unit of rice.  I used one cup.  1.5 units water.

Some instructions call for one part rice and two parts water.  That works for the "knuckle" method of measuring.  To use the "knuckle" method, touch the bottom of the pan with an extended finger.  Add dry rice until it reaches the first knuckle.  Then add water until it reaches the second knuckle.

Put rice on low heat, leave cover ajar.  Cook until it is done. One can steal little bits of rice from the pot to check doneness, or one can observe the amount of steam escaping or one can listen for a change of the boiling sound (tough to do when next to the fry pan) or one can use an electric rice cooker.  Cooking rice is not difficult.

This recipe is heavy on the vegetables because Mrs ERJ likes vegetables.

One can vary the type of vegetables, the meat/protein.  One can use white rice or brown rice or wild rice or bulgur wheat or 

Add rice to the fried chicken/vegetable mixture.  Add soy sauce and/or salt and any other seasonings. Stir.  Serve.  Eat.


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