Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Myths of Street Fighting

Bill over at e.IA.f.t has a good post about adults fighting.  Bill does a very good job discussing a video that was referenced in the post.  It is a good thing, because it looks like Facebook took the video down.

In a nutshell, Bill's advice is to not "dance" when you find yourself embroiled in an altercation that could go sideways.  If you find yourself in a fight, do as much damage to the other party as quickly as possible.

As always, Get off the X.  And for your personal well being, call 9-1-1 as soon as you are in a safe place.  The first person to call 9-1-1 establishes the default narrative.  Everybody else becomes nicknamed "Defendant".

No-nonsense Self Defense

That point of view is supported by the author of No-nonsense Self Defense.  The link points to an article that is specifically about "knife fighting" but the concept applies to any street fighting.

Civilized people are at a disadvantage in street violence, just like a dog is disadvantaged in a conflict with a wolf.  A wolf does not "fight", it kills.  The wolf starves if it cannot efficiently kill with little or no risk to itself.  The dog thinks it is going to a fight.  The wolf knows that it is the axe-man in an execution.

So it is with a street animal.  There will not be "a fight."  They left that silliness back in 8th grade with the pecking order game.  Street violence is not about establishing pecking order.  It is the unilateral dishing of violence for gain.

Here are the "myths of knife fighting" as seen by the author of No-Nonsense Self Defense.  He does a fine job explaining each "lie".  The links are hot.  You should be able to pop open any topic that interests you.

Attribution:  These are No-Nonsense Self Defense links.  They are NOT my links.

And I want to add Lie #20 You will know the number of wolves in the arena and be able to identify them a priori

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