Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Grey Man -Vignettes- : Book Review


The Grey Man -Vignettes- by J.L. Curtis

This book caused me to postpone my bed time.  The last book that was engaging enough for me to forgo my beauty sleep was Red Storm Rising written by a hack named Tom Clancy.

Is the book perfect?  No.  There are still a few loose ends, story line wise, that beg a prequel and at least a couple of sequels.  Some people will not see that as a grave flaw.  Those same flaws did not seem to cripple Clancy's career.

It seems like I should write something negative about this book to establish my objectivity.  It is required in serious book reviews. 

I struggle with writing anything negative because TGM-V- is a self published book.  It is 1000 times better than anything I will ever write.  TGM-V- would be a little bit stronger if it were more tightly edited.  But asking an author to edit his own work is like asking a 3rd grader to drown puppies.  It is an unnatural act and it is a tribute to JL Curtis that this book is as awesome as it is.

Will this change your life? Maybe.  I know I went out to Yea-Ole-Big-Box Store and bought one of these.

I highly recommend The Grey Man if you enjoy realistic thrillers that will increase your need for caffeine the next morning.

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