Monday, March 10, 2014

Junk Science

Mrs ERJ is on a no "high fructose corn syrup" kick.  I politely agree to go along for the ride, if that is what it takes to make her happy.

Junk Science

Follow the money.  The United States sugar industry is masterful at political lobbying.  Somehow, caloric sweeteners became a strategic industry and thereby it became a matter of patriotism to protect it.

The high price of sweetening opened the door to alternative sweeteners.  One of those sweeteners is known as "high fructose corn syrup."  HFCS has been vilified in the press based on research funded by....The Sugar Research Institute.  Go figure.

One of the current tussles is the Corn Refiners attempting to rename their product.  One way to make something scary is to give it a "chemically" sounding name.  A "chemically" sounding name is also attractive to people who pride themselves on being early adapters who are health conscious.  They think it makes them sound smart, hip and leading edge to throw six syllable names of "poisons" around.

Fact:  Sucrose (the so call "good" sugar) is a chemical.
Fact:  Sucrose is a glucose molecule and a fructose molecule that are linked together.  Really.
Fact:  Our bodies metabolize sucrose by splitting it back into fructose and glucose.
Fact:  Too much of any kind of sugar is bad for you.
Fact:  Most Americans eat way too much sugar.
Fact:  The enzymes used to split corn starch into fructose is derived from natural micro-organisms.
Fact:  Enzymes from natural micro-organisms are responsible for alcoholic drinks, cheese, yeasty breads, aged sausage, age tenderized meats, yogurt and an entire host of other yummy and nutritious foods.

I will make the change if it makes her happy.

I'm a man.
I can change.
If I have to.
I guess.

I understand that making deep changes is a matter of changing the family culture.  It is like trying to get out of debt.  An economist might tell you to start with the debt that charges the highest interest rate or the debt that has the biggest impact on your credit score. 

Financial advisers who work in the trenches often advise otherwise.  They usually advise that the family pay down a small debt first to get a feeling of accomplishment, to have a tangible pay-off for the sacrifice.

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