Saturday, March 1, 2014

Report Out, Day ???

Not much to report.


Kubota has a friend over.  They loaded up some shotgun shells and we threw a few clay birds.  Kubota could not find the resizing die and decided and so resizing is not important.  The Mossberg locked up twice.

The maddening thing is that Kubota dumped the shells he had loaded into the box of clay birds...and then he opened and dumped two boxes I had loaded.  So there we were with about 60 shells of dubious dimension.

The first lock-up occurred before the gun was in battery.  I removed the trigger group and was able to remove the live shell.  No way was I going to be working from the muzzle end with the trigger group still installed.

The second lock-up occurred after the shell fired.  The extracter kept popping off the rim of the shell.  That did not require any dissassembly.  I just had difficulty finding a ramrod that was long enough.  Shotgun barrels can be quite long.

I think Kubota got some religion regarding the need to resize shells.


We went to Bancroft Park in Lansing to Angel Hill.  The kids sledded and snowboarded.  I think they will sleep well tonight.


The current crisis is that Kubota now wants to spend the night at a friends house.  This friend came out of nowhere and I have no clue as to whether this kid is OK or trouble.  Kubota is not taking "No." as an answer very gracefully.

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