Monday, March 24, 2014

Tennessee Riding Goats

Kubota has a birthday coming up.

He is enchanted by all things with wheels and motors.  I think part of it is that he is a big guy and he sees no logic in breaking into a sweat when technology exists.

He has been told the old bromide about "If it wears lipstick or has sparkplugs, it is going to cost you money and cause you heartache."  But to no avail.

As his birthday nears, his curiosity has become boundless.  He keeps dropping helpful hints regarding his preferences of Silverados vs. F-150s vs. Ram pickups.  He leaves magazines open to pages of pictures with dirt bikes and quads flying through the air.

He pummels us with questions.  His curiosity regarding what he will get for his birthday is boundless.  He fixates almost to the point of pathology. I am getting tired and beaten down.

His Lady

His lady rides horses.  He has gone to watch her ride a few times.  Being able to do things with your lady is a great thing.

Retired, not much money

It is not as if I am proud of the fact. But as a coach in a rec league, I learned that you play the roster you are given as best you can.

I firmly believe that we played on game day the way we practiced all week long.  Sloppy, don't-give-a-rat's-azz practice yields sloppy, lackadaisical play on Saturday night.  Running a tight ship resulted in minor surprises damping down and not tipping us over.

It is the same with money.



One of the cost savings associated with Tennessee Riding Goats is that they do not require bridles and such.  They are steered by the horns, much like Peter Fonda's chopper in Easy Rider.

I am going to ask a few friends to leave some calls on the home phone number.  They will be "responding" to inquiries about the "Riding Goats" they have for sale.  I expect the will be telling me about how the Billy Goats are much cheaper because of their vile tempers and stench.

Kubota always makes a bee-line to the answering machine every time he enters the house.  He knows his dad pretty well.  I expect that he will be quiet concerned that I will go for the bargain.

I am also asking around to see if anybody is willing to do some minor photoshop work for me.

I don't suppose you guys know of anybody who sells goat saddles, do you?

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