Sunday, March 2, 2014

Package Bees and Ducks


Another piece evidence that this has been a hard winter is the scarcity and price of "Package Bees."

Package Bees are typically three pounds of bees and a queen.  A couple of years ago they cost $80 when  I ordered my the first week of April.

This year Dadent's in Albion, Michigan started taking orders February 1 and sold out in ten days.  Apparently, Michigan beekeepers decided they were in deep doo-doo solely on the basis of January's weather.  It was a good call on their part.

As a sidebar, the ongoing drought in California put a dent in the production of bees in this country.  The California bee industry gets all ramped up to pollinate the almond orchards.  That is the big paycheck for them.  After that, they are looking for places to park them the the remainder of the year.


I am an evil person.  I bought four more ducks.  The new ducks are Rouen Ducks.  The ducklings are as dark as mud turtles.  I parked the first four ducks I bought (light gray) in a closed box by the refrigerator and awaited developments.

Belladonna just walked up to me and swatted me on the shoulder.  "Dad!  Why did you spray paint the ducks?"

I walked over to our holding box and said..."They look the same to me.  Why do you think I painted them?"

Belladonna pointed out the fact that they were wet (and they were) and that they had changed color.

"Nope.  They are supposed to get darker as they get older.  I think they have been swimming."

Then she noticed they were bigger.  She hates me.

It simply proves that an unbridled sense of humor is the road to Rouen.

Three hours later

Now Kubota hates me.  He accused me of using a Sharpie.

I told Belladonna to get some fingernail polish remover.  He gave me heck-fire.  He was pizzed that I used the Sharpie on their fluff, their feet, even their bills....and fingernail polish remover cannot be good for ducks.

Belladonna brought out the blonde ducks.

Kubota took it well and Belladonna thought it was hilarious.

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