Monday, March 3, 2014

Report Out, Day 4

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Polymer cleaning rods are generally believed to be unbreakable.  "Unbreakable" is a myth.  I am too much of a gentleman to go into details.  Rather, I will allow my readers to guess at the particulars of how it happened based on subtle clue(s) scattered within this post.

Other than that, and the ducks that were spray painted, the day went well.  The eight ducks now live in Liberatopian least for the moment.

Kubota got to hang out with one of his 10 most favorite uncles for about three hours.  They rode around in a red vehicle.  Then Kubota got to hang out with his girlfriend for a couple of hours.

Their "one month anniversary" will be Friday.  He wants to get her a present.  I offered him a duck but he indicated that Belladonna provided better insights into the hearts of young girls. I believe her advise was to get a single, long-stem, pink rose and a small stuffed animal.  Why small?  So there will be room on her shelf for the one-a-month that Kubota will buy to commemorate the occasion.  Belladonna is a smart girl.

Small stuffed animals go on sale the day after Easter.

We went out for pizza for dinner.  This has been a good week for baby birds.  The heavy consumption of pizza generates an ample supply of cardboard to put in the bottoms of the banana boxes.  The cost of eating out is killing me.  How can 3 people run up $40 dinner tabs?  Every time?

Finally, I need to coach up Kubota on proper technique for doing laundry.  I think he uses a softball bat to pack the maximum amount of clothing into the washing machine.  It tears up the clothing, is hard on the washing machine, the clothes do not get clean and the bottleneck is still the drier.

It is always something.

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