Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Thought: Hymns as Love Songs

I cannot figure out how to embed this video. 

This is the fun part of the post.


The next time you are in church, listen to to words of the songs in terms of them being a love song.  Jesus uses the metaphor of Groom/Bride/Wedding night many times.

I know that many of us have trouble getting to church every Sunday.  Sometimes it is work related.  Sometimes we are between churches.  Sometimes we are:  Just. Too. Tired.  Lent is a great time to get back into the habit.

This is the more thoughtful part of the post.  I love the gentleness of this hymn and that it sounds good even when sung with a mediocre voice.

---Disclosure:  This song was played during the wedding ceremony when Mrs ERJ and I got hitched. 
End Disclosure---

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