Friday, November 22, 2013

Waking Up Teenagers

A prerequisite to blogging is to believe that the most mundane detail of your life is interesting to somebody, somewhere.

Waking up Teenagers

My father used to wake us up by reaching beneath the covers and gripping one of our bare feet.  It worked well.  The colder the room, the more we wanted to stay under the covers and the colder his hands.

We slept two-to-a-room and Dad had two hands.

It appears that early childhood exposure to this method granted my children a degree of immunity.  Also, all four of my kids played soccer so they are extremely proficient kickers.  Part of me suspects the kicking is more than mindless, instinctive reaction.

Valuing my fingers caused me to cast about and find an alternative method.


Singing sappy, 1960s and 70s songs gets them out of bed with the alacrity one would associate with tossing a squirming pit-viper beneath their covers.

If You Are Happy And You Know It (clap your hands)
Hokie Pokie
Puff the Magic Dragon (PP&M)
Morning Has Broken (Cat Stevens)
anything by Tony Orlando
You Light up my Life (Debbie Boone)

You are welcome.

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