Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Outside Activities

I wanted to keep the Heinrich's Law related posts in one block.  This is a list of some of the things I have been doing during that time interval.

Some of the lint that came out of the dryer vent.  No, the aspen leaves were not in the vent. 

I performed an angioplasty on the dryer vent.  We have a "smart" dryer that senses when the clothes are dry.  I assume it operates on how quickly the exhaust is heating up.  With the exhaust vent choking off we had to cycle the dryer several times to get our clothing dry.  We use the dryer a great deal  in October and November.  There is very little natural drying power this time of year.  It is damp outside and it is not cold enough to reliably kick on the furnace.

I cut dogwood brush and planted multiplier onions through the trimmings.  That is what I was doing when the Captain and I had our over-the-fence conversation about fisticuffs on the playground. The patch is a triangle about twenty-five feet on a side and the onions are planted on twenty-four inch centers...mostly. 

Some of my seed-stock came from a naturalized planting (60 feet long by 10 feet wide) next to Carr Lake in Eaton County.  There are across the gravel road from about 6, very old, mobile homes.  There is also a naturalized planting of garlic.  I deduce that a nurturing gardener/cook once lived in one of those mobile homes.  I am grateful to them.

Someday I hope to get my hands on some Green Mountain multiplier onions.

I harvested some of my ornamental corn.  This is mostly a cross between Silver Mine and Santo Domingo Blue.  I planted five rows.  This is one row's worth of ears.  As you can see, it fills a 40 pound banana box to overflowing.

Close up.  Yeah, I admit to being a little bit proud of them.  My goal is to produce all white kernels with the floury-1 gene on 12" long ears that ripen in Eaton County, Michigan.

No Pictures:

I trapped three field mice out of the bee hive in the corner post.

I cooked the Winter Luxury pumpkin.  The quality was OK.  Maybe five stars out of ten. I may have failed to cook it thoroughly.  I will try it one more year in a sunnier location.

After a 10 day gap, I got back to running.  I failed to pace myself and was really struggling at the end.

While walking through my persimmons, I noticed that the least precocious persimmon on my property finally decided to show me her gender.  She had one persimmon. I would have eaten it and given you a quality report but I had just brushed my teeth and it would not have been a good check. Girl persimmons are always a reason to celebrate. 

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