Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Getting ready for St Nimrod Day (Nov 15)

I went back to Family Shooters Corral and verified the primary firearm today.

I have never had a issue with this firearm and load; a Wolf CVA muzzle loader shooting a 250 grain Hornady SST Sabot in front of 80 grains of Hodgdon's Triple Seven. It  pokes hole in paper and kills deer with equal aplomb.  It is not bleeding edge technology, but then neither are candles, chocolate and Chardonnay.  Some combinations just plain work.

Except today.  I had a problem getting the firearm to go into battery.  Yes, it is a muzzle loader.  But if the locking lever is not fully forward the hammer will not be engaged by the sear.  I disassembled the firearm and scraped out some imaginary crud.  I was able to cam the locking lever forward and took one shot.  About 2.5 inches high at 50 yards.

Later, at home, a more complete cleaning and lube job got things happy.

That is why we try things out before game time.  We play like we practice.

Prepare for Take Off

I put together a three-by-five cheat-sheet with trajectory and range info on one side.
  • 50 yards..........2.5 inches high
  • 75 yards..........3 inches high
  • 100 yards........2.5 inches high
  • 125 yards.........1 inch high
  • 150 yards.........2 inches low

On the other side I wrote loading instructions.  Note:  Add powder BEFORE the bullet.  It makes a big difference.  The very, very, very last thing you do is put in a new primer.

The plan regarding who will be pairing up with who is still fluid.  I want Kubota to be able to reload if he is not with me.


The last couple of years, while driving out to where we hunt, we heard this song on the radio.  And that was the classical music station.  We take our deer hunting seriously here in Michigan.

The Cavalier does not have a radio.  So you guys will have to enjoy this music for us.

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