Friday, November 22, 2013

Sausage Grinding Day

If all goes well, I will be making breakfast sausage today.

Nothing fancy:  20 pounds of venison scraps, 20 pounds of pork shoulder, 4oz non-iodized salt, 4oz ground black pepper, 3oz dried, ground sage, 1oz chipolte pepper.  All salt and spices by volume.

I expect it to take a while.

Weird stuff note

Lately, I have been experiencing the weirdest body twitches.  I have been about three times more physically active since retiring than I was before retiring.  I have sore, tired muscles so "when I sit, I sits loose" especially when I am in my beloved recliner.

These weird body twitches have both legs flying up like somebody put a firecracker under a ragdoll's legs.

I think I figured it out.  I am shivering.

I am sitting so loosely that my body heat drops.  I have been doing sit-ups as part of my physical fitness plan.  Those twitches are much more powerful than I ever experienced before.  So powerful that I did not recognize them.


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