Thursday, November 7, 2013

Family Shooter's Corral

It was a great morning to be at the shooting range.  37 degrees Fahrenheit, crystal clear skies.  Brisk wind.

Russ Nelson is the owner of Family Shooter's Corral.  517-663-3805

I had two goals.

  1. Get the scope on my back-up deer gun dialed in.  This is my primary home defense weapon and has a 1X Red Dot scope on it 
  2. Get some trigger time on my hand gun.


Dialing in the Mossberg 500

It does NOT have a rifled barrel.  I was shooting Winchester, 12 gauge, Foster slugs, part number X12RS15VP.  Call it two inches high at fifty yards.  I should be good well out past 80 yards.

Two, one shot groups at 50 yards.  The five MOA dot just about fills the outermost diamond of the target.

Handgun Practice

 .357 Magnum with 158 grain cast lead bullets.  I am using 6.8 grains of Unique powder.  It is a pleasant load to shoot in the 48 ounce revolver with Pachmayr grips.  Picture by Russ Nelson.

This is what it looks like from the side.  Most of that smoke is the bullet lube.  Picture by Russ Nelson.

This is what it looks like trying to see through it.   Picture by ERJ.
You can see from the shadows in the first two pictures that I am shooting into the sun.  It was taking 5 seconds for the smoke to fully clear...even with the stiff breeze.

Russ suggested that I use the smoke to train myself to "Get off the X".  That is, side step about 4 feet to one side or the other as I ready for the next shot.  It was good training.

I asked Russ if he wanted to share any wisdom with my audience.

Jeff Cooper was credited with saying that "In times of stress, we do not rise to the occasion.  Rather, we regress to the level of training that we have mastered."
Live the four absolutes of gun safety
1.) All guns are always loaded
2.) Never point the gun toward anything that you are not willing to destroy
3.) Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot
4.) Be absolutely sure of your target and everything in the background

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