Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Early Christmas Present...to Myself

Kubota had a half day today.

We drove over to Laingsburg and picked up Wild Willie,  one of Kubota's buddies.  We swung by a shooting range on the way back.  The range was closed but there was still good stuff in the trash dumpster.

Just call me "Skippy".  It is a British term.

Festive shades

I picked up a few 20 gauge (Yellow).  A bunch of Gunclub (Green), a few Federal (Dark Red) and Winchester (Bright Red).  Too many Universal with the tall plastic inner cup. 

I am looking for some one ounce recipes for the Universal shells.  Any favorites will be appreciated.

I also found one very unusual hull in the bag.

I don't plan on loading this one up.
Have a great evening.

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  1. It's been so long since I reloaded shotshells that my advice would be next to worthless. However, my favorite 12 gauge load was a AA hull, AA wad, and whatever Red Dot pushed 1-1/8th oz of shot to 1200 fps. I used #6 for small game, #4 for ducks, and #7-1/2 for birds and clays. One load for everything.