Monday, November 25, 2013

Hamlin Square Coffee Shop

The two kids have half days today and tomorrow.

Belladonna had personal conditioning after school.

She met us at Hamlin Square Coffee Shop across from City H ll.  City Council is considering replacing the missing letter.  They putting it out for bid.  Rumor is that they will consider other vowels if it can be purchased at a significant discount.

Like many coffee shops, this one is warm, humid and fragrant.  We got to rub elbows with Eaton Rapids titans of industry. 

A posse of  eighth grade boys passed through and Kubota really wanted to go "hang out" with them.  But I was able to convince him to wait until his sister showed up.  Have you ever noticed that most Darwin Award stories start  out with "Some guys were hanging out together."  The next sentence is almost invariably, "They had been drinking beer when one of them had an idea."  Clearly, having ideas is dangerous and brains with a history of "having ideas" should be registered.

Coffee shops also seem to be magnets for extremely thin girls wearing shrink-wrap clothing.  Caffeine must be an essential part of their diet.

I had a very pleasant, leisurely lunch with my two youngest children.

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