Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sausage Tasting Update (pictures added)

This was the first time I made sausage.

Of the five tasters, 4 liked it exactly the way it was.  One of the tasters simply prefers less black pepper.

Next time around I will probably make the following adjustments

Per 10 pounds of meat:
1 oz non-iodized table salt...(same)
1 oz rubbed sage.................(a little more)
.5 oz black pepper...............(half as much)
.25 oz chipolte pepper.........(same)
All spices measured by volume.

Much of this sausage will go into breakfast burritos.  That is, the seasoning will be diluted by approximately 3 times as much egg as sausage.  A breakfast burrito uses meat as flavoring and can absorb much spiciness.

One of the things I could have done was been more thorough in mixing the ground meats/spices.

I was also introduced to the oldest joke in sausage making....."I wonder which of the bags the bandages ended up in?"

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