Friday, November 22, 2013


I realized after Kubota shot his deer that my possibles kit was at the other hunting location.  It was faster to improvise than to drive to a store or to where we had been hunting.

Syringe body cut off at 6.0cc.  Outlet welded shut with the heated handle of a butter knife.
Black powder substitutes are a little bit goofy.  They are typically measured by volume given as Blackpowder equivalent.

For example, "80 grains" of Triple Seven is approximately 5.4 cc (or ml, if you prefer) and weighs somewhat less than 80 grains.

80 gr volume equivalent.....5.4cc
90 gr volume equivalent.....6.1cc
100 gr volume equivalent...6.8cc

This is not the first time I found myself separated from my possibles kit.  I think I am going to standardized on 6.0cc, or just a scootch less than 90 grains.  Syringe bodies are easy to come by out here in farm country.

I am loaded and good-to-go for tomorrow morning.

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