Sunday, November 10, 2013

Steelhead at 24hourcampfire

24hourcampfire is one of the blogs on my blog roll.

It has the usual quota of grumpy people, smart alecks and negativity.  But sometimes even the smart alecks post a gem.

The following was written by a gentleman who drives a school bus in Kentucky.  He goes by the avatar Steelhead.

Reading all the doom and gloom thought I would share a little bout the school/kids I drive bus for.

At any given time I'd say 30% of the kids are wearing shirts with a crucifix and the words God, Jesus and Love on them. Don't seem to be the first complaint anywhere.

Had a 3rd grader with a shoe box full of bullets he and his dad found whilst relic hunting. Apparently having bullets at school ain't a reason to lock down the building.

Lots of sirs and misters flying around. Older kids look out for the younger kids. Little girls have no problems putting band aids on little boys that scrape their knees running to the bus.

Taught one of the older boys on the bus some of the controls of the bus, how to stop and how to use the emergency brake and radio, just in case I happen to drop dead while driving.

The kids continue to impress as does the school. It's only 45 or so kids but I'm liking how the future looks.

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