Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wardrobe Upgrades


The day time highs are consistently below fifty degrees Fahrenheit.  That is often coupled with a stiff breeze.  Consequently I have had to upgrade my wardrobe for running.

Windbreaker pants on top.  Gray microfleece on left, windbreaker on right

I was not able to find my windbreaker pants so I had to buy a new pair.  That set me back about $20.   One thing that baffles me is the proliferation of "soft" porous sweatpants type windbreakers.  To each their own.  The tightly woven material works for me.

I also added a quarter zip polyester microfleece.  It was $5 on clearance at a big-box store about four years ago.  I like quarter zip pull overs because they are almost immune to broken zippers, popped buttons and other common wear-and-tear.

My final addition is a single layer, tightly woven windbreaker jacket.

One constraint that a runner has in layering up clothes is dealing with take-offs.  Both the microfleece and the windbreaker have long sleeves and the material is thin enough (and so is my waist ;-) ) that I can knot them around my mid-section on the run.  I can also un-knot them on the run.

Black Walnuts

Heads up for the squeamish.  It is black walnut season and my fingernails are gross. 

Twenty Seven Years Ago Today

Twenty seven years ago today I proposed to the wise and beautiful Mrs ERJ-to-be.

I prepared dinner.  I had the last rose of the season in a vase on the table (I think it was a Fragrant Cloud tearose).  After eating she asked if I had plans for the rest of the evening.

Now, I am the kind of guy who likes to plan ahead and prepare for contingencies.  So I suggested that we might, maybe go someplace that sold rings.  The picture in my head was to sort of feel her out to see what kind of rings she liked and maybe get her ring size.

WELL! I was quickly informed that I had the order wrong.  Never one to let a "wrong" fester, I corrected the problem.


I started a new medication Saturday.  It makes me drowsy, dizzy and crampy.  Other than that it seems to be doing a great job.  One upside is that I am not eating much.  I expect to lose some serious weight by next weigh-in.

I share this as an apology for the shorter posts I have been making.


  1. I have been slacking myself buddy. My belt hole has not had to be moved yet, but I can tell it the belt is not needed as much as it was in the summer. Matter fact, it could be laid off if it was not holding my cell phone case or Kimber holster in place. But I digress. The return to disciplined eating starts again tomorrow.

  2. Hi Nik:

    Good hearing from you again.

    The Grim Reaper always wins in the end but we can make him work for it.


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