Sunday, October 13, 2013

Grumpy People

We seem to have a bad case of the Grumpies today.

Likely it is because we are all tired.

Like many families, we recover on the weekend.  We have "down time", we do laundry and other necessary chores.

We had house guests for the last two weekends.  The wear shows.  It goes past the wear-bars.  You can see the steel belts.

It is the little stuff in life that grinds us down.

Mrs ERJ purchased some fancy, frozen sausage sandwiches for Sunday breakfast.  They did not make it to Sunday.

Mrs ERJ's boss provided Mrs ERJ a ream of stickers to print on.  The boss did not bother to tell her where the template for those stickers was, so Mrs ERJ needlessly burned up hours of time figuring out how to format to the stickers.

Belladonna went to a birthday party for one of her friends' mom last night.


We are snapping at each other for dumb stuff.

Mrs ERJ bought smaller burrito wraps for breakfast burritos than I usually do.  We had a heartfelt discussion about it.

I like the bigger wraps because I have bigger hands and I hate taking lots of time making sure each burrito has a reasonably even mix of sausage pieces, eggs, cheese (and chopped pepper and onion for the adult ones).

She likes the smaller ones because she feels bad about throwing away food and she is a light eater and typically adds an apple and maybe a bagel to the burrito for her breakfast.

Her suggested solution was to chop everything more finely.

I ended up leaving out the sausage and chopped veggies so they are just eggs and cheese.  Mrs ERJ ended up assembling the micro-burritos.

We both had reasons for our preferences and ended up in a good place. 

What a dumb thing to get energized about.....the size of burrito wraps.

But that is the kind of weekend it has been.


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