Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spousal Work Frustration

One of the unavoidable stresses that occurs when one partner retires and the other continues to work is that the working spouse more fully savors the bitter agony of work frustrations.

Mrs ERJ's boss told her to hand in her computer for up-grades.  It came back with the wrong power cord.

This is a peak work load time for her.  It was faster to do work-arounds than to try and find the tech guy and get the right cord.

She is scheduled for some Special High-Intensity Training on Friday.  She borrowed co-workers cord and finally lit up her computer two weeks after it came back.

Except it was not her old computer.  It was a computer with an operating system.  Period.

Mrs ERJ chased down the boss at lunch and told her, "I have a problem."

The boss loaded four basic programs on the computer, and condescendingly said, "I don't want to overwhelm you."


My wife is not the moron who vaporized all the programs that were installed and/or mixed up the computers.

My wife is not the optimist who supplied the wrong power cord and failed to stock any replacements.

To a retired guy, a software problem is when your socks don't match.  Which, I hasten to add,  is currently very fashionable.

She did not think it was very funny. 

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