Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Garrett Marshall, Phone Home

I continue to be amazed at how intricately precise the coming-and-goings are in this small town.  I see the same people at the gym and am getting to know a little bit about them.
Robert Heinlein once wrote, "All girls are 16 years old at heart, and all men are 10."  

One of the huge bonuses of being over fifty is that I can flirt.  The young, pretty girls don't take me seriously.  I am old enough not to take myself too seriously.  And the older, pretty girls mostly enjoy the attention.

One of my favorite 16 year olds has about 64 years of practice at the position.  I see her a couple of times a week while she is doing physical therapy and is working on mobility and balance.

She did not look her usual, peppy self this afternoon and I asked her how she was doing.

She replied, "About as well as can be expected."  But did not sound all that well.

A couple of questions revealed that her grandson is going to college in Houghton, Michigan and has not been seen or heard in over seven days.  She is worried.  Her daughter is worried.  They just want to know he is safe.

Houghton, Michigan is WAY up north

So Garrett, do us all a favor and phone home.  Just let them know you are OK.  If that is too hard, then text a mutual acquaintance and put your family's hearts at ease.  Let them know if you have three hots, a roof and a cot.

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