Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Three Man Tents

Kubota had a plan.  He and his buddy were going to camp out this past weekend.

The plan morphed from "Out yonder, under the Norway Spruce." to "In the back yard....after we watch a couple of scary movies."  They even set up the tent and put the sleeping bags in it.

"No problem, boys.  But if either of you comes in before sun-up, I am taking your buddy home.

The buddy decided to not stay the night.

Then it rained.

Then I saw they left the flap open and had pitched it so the opening was to the southwest.

Disaster was averted because the wind was not very strong while it was raining and the tent is a Coleman Sundome tent (10' by 10').  Coleman Sundome tents have flies that project farther out from the tent than most other tents.  The bags were a little damp but not soaked.

Two more days of rain followed. 

This morning we had a brief window of sun coupled with brisk winds.  The tent was dry enough to take down and store.

I figured out the that reason they are called three man tents is because that is how many men are required to stuff them back into the undersized bag they are stored in.

Either three men, or one woman who wears skinny jeans.

Unfortunately, the beautiful Mrs ERJ was at work.  I did the best I could.

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