Friday, October 25, 2013

Local Scandal (photos)

This is a follow-up post to "Beauty is Where You Find it".

I thought of her as a soulless object when I first saw her. All I could see was a naked hard-body. (October 16)
The artists at 814 North East Street continued to develop their inner Dali.

She gained a head as I got to know her better.  But old habits die hard and she continued to pose nude in public (October 22)

Close up of head and crown

Finally, the neighbors noticed and shared expressions of shock and outrage.  (October 23)
According to Ace R. Saccarum, a neighbor who lives just south of the girl, they were shocked and outraged to learn that somebody was peddling ash in their neighborhood.  "$40 a face cord is only forty cents a piece....that will disrupt the economy."
Conflict was averted when the girl's eyes were opened and she covered up.  (October 24)

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