Sunday, October 27, 2013


Kubota has a project due tomorrow.

The style guide specifies color.

We have a Brother laser printer chosen for it's cost-per-page.  It does not do "color".

Mrs ERJ commanded:  "Get color."

I got a new printer.

It was a pain in the dupa to install.  It double installed itself.  Then it hid the last step of alignment so it locked up.

Uninstall, uninstall, install.  Uninstall, install.  Cuss.  Reboot.


Cup of coffee.

Install.  Cuss some more.

Close out a bunch of pages that showed up like telemarketers gang tackling a lottery winner.

DANG!  I never saw that page before.  Cancel alignment.

Pages start spewing out.  Quickly look at print queue.  Kubota had loaded 21(!) copies of a Craigslist snowmobile into the queue of a printer we no longer had.  They were starting to print out on the new printer.  The copy ate two pages because it printed out a map.

ACK!  Kill the queue!  I only have enough color ink for about 45 pages.

I can feel myself breaking out into a rash.  Kubota chose the 1950 "Snow Bowl" between University of Michigan and Ohio State as the topic of his Weather Disaster Project.

All the photos were black and white.  Even if they were color, snow is....white.

So the color was used to print out school logos.

It hurt this MSU Spartan to spend money, to buy a color printer...just to print out their logos.

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