Thursday, October 31, 2013

Glenn Buege Chevrolet

Last night an un-named person was in a hurry to get to Powder Puff football.  They backed into a tree and creamed the liftgate glass on our minivan.

The elbow about 12" above the red tape is what impacted the liftgate glass
Physical evidence

Red and Silver "reflex" tape added.  Multiple passes of duct tape were put on tree before the reflex tape to provide an adhesion friendly surface.
Same picture with flash to mimic what it will look like (I hope) when the back-up lamps are illuminating.

Picture courtesy of Weather Underground
Mrs ERJ took the minivan to Glenn Buege, our local Chevy dealership.  They dropped her off at work.

I had several round-robin calls with Jeff the service manager and our auto insurance company.  The upshot was that Jeff could not break even on what the insurance company considered fair-and-reasonable rates.

Jeff called me back and gave me the number of a firm that would do it for LESS than the deductible.  He kept it inside, out of the weather.  The firm showed up.  They did the work inside the Buege Bodyshop.

I asked Jeff what I owed him for the use of the floor space.

"No problem.  You don't owe us anything."  Jeff said.

While we have purchased vehicles from Glenn Buege Chevy, that is not where we bought this minivan.  We bought it used on the open market.

I highly recommend Glenn Buege Chevy.  They are fine people when you are in a pickle.

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