Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I have noticed that as I get older I do things in quaint ways.  Sometimes the kids notice and are embarrassed.  I have pretty much given up on teaching my kids "the right way" of doing things.  One of those odd little habits proved useful this morning.

A Houseguest

One of Kubota's friends LOVES to watch were-wolf movies.  He shall remain nameless for obvious reasons.

The top level of his brain knows that were-wolves are fictitious beasts.  However, another part of his brain, at the 'machine language' level, does not know that.  Much of our sleep time is spent at the machine level.

Kubota's friend will not go out alone in the dark.  He will go out as long as the other person is a slower runner than he is.  It is even better when the sacrificial pedestrian is large and well marbled. He is very OK when I am the sacrificial pedestrian, for instance.

Tonight is the first night that this friend lasted the entire night at our house.  Every other time involved my giving him a ride back to his house sometime around one in the morning.  It is not a big deal.  I understand.  He sleeps with lights on in his room and a TV going.  Kubota sleeps in the dark and there is not TV in his room. 

One of those little habits

We use the deadbolts when locking our exterior doors.  It is the one sure way to ensure you have your keys with you.

We have dogs so we make countless trips in-and-out of the door.  Sometimes those trips are made while wearing skivvies or PJs.  There may be an extra key stashed cached somewhere outside.  If the kids put it back the last time they used it.  However, collecting it when it is 7 degrees F and there is 12 inches of snow on the ground is not pleasant when one is barefoot.

It is my custom to give the outside door handle a little jiggle on the way out.  Just. In. Case.

This morning both of the locks were thrown, courtesy of our house guest.

Automatic door closer.  It works as long as we remember to pay our gravity bill.
I am glad I gave the door knob that little wiggle.  'Cause sure as gravity that door would have latched shut behind me.

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