Friday, March 7, 2014

Looking for Teachers!

From a thread on 24hourcampfire

There are teaching jobs open in Alaska!

Bored with your current job?

Teach kids how to make stuff like this.  Picture by Klikitarik
According to Klikitarik
These qajaq/kayak specimens will be working craft. They aren't traditional in the sense that they are made from local materials, but you can't build fully traditional in a week either. These boats are built with red oak ribs and cockpit, white pine gunwales, stringers and other wood parts, "colonial sealskin" (two-part polyurethane coated ballistic nylon) for the skin, and artificial sinew (beeswaxed nylon twine) for the lashing. The guy who is leading the project is a 32-year-old Greenlandic Inuit who has built around 300 of these traditional design craft including some fully traditional pieces for the Smithsonian and other museums. (No power tools, synthetics, or dimension lumber used in those constructions.)

On the way to get covered.

Anybody know anyone who would like to "long-term" sub HS math -a qualified person- for the last quarter of the school year? This is a roadless rural Alaska village, a great way to try it out if they're not sure, and might lead to real future employment if it works out well for both sides. The need is real; the position has not been filled. PM me if interested and I will be happy to provide the contacts.
Note to Oldest Daughter:  It does not get as hot and humid as in East Baton Rouge....and I hear the hunting is pretty good in rural Alaska.

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